momentlabor creates and affects.

momentlabor is a Freiburg artists collective of acrobats, musicians, actors, light designers, composers, sound engineers, stage designers, directors, architects, photographers and other creative people.

At the laborartory ideas are collected, transformed and mixed. The output is performances of contemporary circus art, multi-disciplinary creations of acrobatic, music, theatre and object manipulation and other outstanding culture events.

momentlabor – finest creations since 2009

Permanent members:
Stefan Schönfeld artistic director, project coordinator, dramaturgy
Schroeder musical director, words & lyrics, drummer, performer
Karoline Hahn stage design, constructions
Zinzi Oegema choreography, acrobatic, dance, circus performer
Felix Groteloh photography, video design
Roman Müller object manipulation, performer

More members:
theatre: Renate Obermeier, Heinzl Spagl, Peter W.Herrmanns
circus art: Lisa Chudalla, Evertjan Mercier, Kritonas Anastasopoulos, Antonio Terrones, Marie-Eve Dicaire, Imogen Huzel
puppet theatre: Vanessa Valk
music: Bella Nugent, Michael Strobel, Jan Fitschen, Chris Nemet, Sascha Bendiks